I noticed the 2% milk in the refrigerator was on the verge of going out of date and there was still about half a quart left. Even though we had a morning appointment more than an hour drive away I had plenty of time to make paneer.

I heated the milk to 180ºF and added the juice of a lemon to curdle the milk.

paneer 1paneer 2

The curds and whey were then poured through several layers of cheese cloth. I saved the whey to be used for other cooking purposes and tied the curds into a bundle. After wrapping the bundle of curds in cling wrap I put it in the refrigerator and balanced the jar of whey on top of it for a weight. By the time we got home this afternoon it was a solid chunk of cheese.

paneer 3paneer 4

paneer 5

My fellow bloggers have been posting so many great looking paneer dishes it will be hard to decide which one to make.

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