Guava, Brie & Feta Tarts

I have always been an early riser. I sometimes get more done before daybreak than I do the rest of the day.I got up early this morning and put together these tarts using store-bought refrigerated piecrust dough.

I pressed cut out circles of dough into the depressions of a muffin tin. In the bottom of each tart I put a spoonful of Brie and Feta cheeses which were softened briefly in the microwave in the defrost setting.

tarts 1tarts 2


After being in the fridge for a couple of days the guava paste I made ( has set up fairly well but not quite enough to be sliced, so I guess it is technically a jam. I put a spoonful of the guava jam into each of the tarts on top of the Brie and Feta and folded the excess crust in toward the center.

tarts 6tarts 3


I baked these in a 380ºF oven until the crust started to brown.









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