Greek Omelet

My favorite breakfast egg dish is probably a Greek Omelet. I prepare it often and vary the ingredients according to what is on hand and what appeals at the moment.

Minced fresh onion is a must. I don’t precook them because I like the bit of crunch and the sweet raw flavor.

Another essential is Feta Cheese which I add after the egg is in the heated pan. The omelet slides out of the pan to flip much easier that way.

I like to include fresh tomato. That too I add after the egg is in the heated pan so it doesn’t turn the entire dish pink. I usually squeeze the seeds and excess moisture from the tomato before chopping it so it doesn’t make the dish watery.

Today I included chopped fresh spinach and my very last fresh basil leaf. The basil plants all froze last week but I brought a few sprigs in the house and kept them in a bowl of water for one last use.

Today’s omelet also included a seeded and minced jalapeño and a minced caper berry with most of the seeds removed.





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