First Aid For Kitchen Burns

This morning I took the frittata out of the oven and set it on the stovetop. A moment later, without thinking, I grabbed the hot metal skillet handle with my bare hand. Not for long, but long enough to burn my entire palm.

I have known for a long time that soy sauce is an effective first aid treatment for burns and have used the remedy many times. I immediately bathed my hand in Bragg Liquid Aminos, because that is what I had on hand. Soaking a burn in soy sauce brings immediate relief from pain. If it is cold out of the refrigerator even better. As long as the burn is soaking in the soy sauce there is no pain. Sure some pain will return later on, but to a lesser degree.

I treated my hand several times throughout the morning. There will be discomfort for some time to come, after all, a burn is a burn and injured flesh takes time to heal.

Immediately after a burn occurs, when relief is needed the most, I recommend that you go for the soy sauce!


3 thoughts on “First Aid For Kitchen Burns

  1. Interesting!
    I use a somewhat crazy but very effective method I learned from a Russian guy I worked with: if there is no open wound, press salt (yes…) on the burn and keep it fora few minutes. It dries the place and eliminates the creation of the annoying watery blisters that usually form after a few hours. I know it sounds weird, but trust me, it works! ­čÖé

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