Thanksgiving Reprise

It was just the two of us for Thanksgiving so we kept it simple and didn’t lay out a huge spread of elaborate dishes. Faye had roast turkey breast for herself and fixed a great tasting dish of green beans and carrots from the garden. I prepared mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy. The garlic flavored mashed potatoes were colored yellow with shredded cheddar cheese and the juice squeezed from fresh turmeric rhizomes.

While I was out pulling up the carrots for Faye’s vegetable dish I went ahead and dug up the sweet potato vine which had been killed by frost and found three fingerling sweet potatoes. I hadn’t planted sweet potatoes with the expectation of reaping a harvest. I had merely cut off one end  of a sweet potato which was sprouting and stuck it in the ground amongst the weeds. I live a charmed life where good things just happen! 😉



We had slightly modified Thanksgiving leftovers for lunch today. I roasted and peeled poblano peppers from the garden (harvested before the freezing temperatures) and stuffed them with the cheesy garlic mashed potatoes. They were drowned in mushroom gravy and baked in a hot oven.


Just as good the second time.

Thanksgiving reprise 1




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