Upma Fix

Upma is a breakfast I keep revisiting every few weeks to get a break from the all too frequent eggs, potatoes and toast etc. I follow the same procedure whether I use a mix or make it from scratch.

I start by dry roasting the whole spices and cashews in a skillet. I use whole cardamom pods, whole coriander seed, stick cinnamon, whole cloves, mustard seeds, white poppy seeds.

When the cashews start browning I add a little oil, finely chopped and/or whole curry leaves, onion, ginger paste and chilis if I’m using them. After a couple minutes I add either plain semolina or the premixed version and dry roast it in the pan for a few minutes. The ready made Upma mixes usually have some of the ingredients I like to add to semolina but with some things more is better.

When the semolina is well heated I mix in raisins, whatever vegetables I might be using, and what seems like way too much water. I then put a lid on it and turn the heat as low as it will go. I don’t stir it again until the water has absorbed. I let it continue cooking, stirring from time to time until it starts to become crumbly.

We like to eat Upma with tomato salsa and Raita.





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