Kale Chapatis

It was time once again last night to make paneer in order to use up milk nearing the expiration date, and today I made a paneer curry.   For the first time in many years I made chapatis to accompany the curry. We used to always make chapatis whenever we had Indian food. We always … More Kale Chapatis

Powdered Kale

Although I’m a lifelong vegetarian there are several vegetables that I don’t care for all that much. I include them in my diet on occasion anyway for their nutritional value, prepared in ways my palate deems acceptable. Kale is a vegetable I don’t care for at all when cooked as a green. I don’t mind … More Powdered Kale

Waldorf Salad

This is a Waldorf type salad in which I’ve included: Brussels sprouts, jalapeño, celery, scallions, grapes, dried cranberries, medjool dates and toasted walnuts. I used mayonnaise for the dressing.  

Nut Loaf

As a child in India, I remember watching my mom make a dish that imitated a product she remembered back home in the States. She called the dish Nutmeat, not because it resembled or tasted like meat but because it was made from the meat of nuts. It is simply a tasty protein filled loaf … More Nut Loaf

Powdered Stinging Nettle

I’m sure you are familiar with the popular trend of using matcha for beverages and in food preparation. By using the word “trend” I am deliberately avoiding terms like “fad” or “craze.” I’m not being judgmental here. It’s popularity can probably be attributed to claims of matcha’s health benefits and the visual appeal its brilliant … More Powdered Stinging Nettle