Reduced Balsamic Vinegar

Not everything that happens in my kitchen puts food directly on the table. I spend a lot of time dehydrating herbs and vegetables, canning and freezing produce from the garden, making jams and syrups, putting together spice and herb combinations, preparing condiments like horseradish, preparing foods and condiments by means of lactobacillus fermentation such as sauerkraut, yogurt or hot pepper sauce.

Having these things readily on hand makes food preparation simpler and quicker later and offers more options.

I love balsamic vinegar and, for a long time, I’ve been wishing  I had a thicker more concentrated aged version like I’ve seen in high end specialty food stores. I saw a small bottle of aged balsamic vinegar the other day priced at over $30! I decided to take a less expensive short cut.

I mixed a bottle of moderately priced good quality aged balsamic vinegar with some lower priced but still quality balsamic vinegar in a stainless steel skillet, heated it to a slow boil and let it simmer at low heat until it reduced to the point where it began sticking to a spoon when it was dipped.


This thickened balsamic vinegar will be great on roasted or grilled vegetables, tofu, desserts, fruits and who knows what else! I have leftover fresh pineapple… Hmmmm…


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