Powdered Kale

Although I’m a lifelong vegetarian there are several vegetables that I don’t care for all that much. I include them in my diet on occasion anyway for their nutritional value, prepared in ways my palate deems acceptable.

Kale is a vegetable I don’t care for at all when cooked as a green. I don’t mind it raw in a salad. I prefer Toscano (dinosaur) kale and red Russian kale over the more common varieties which I find to be rather tough. Yeah, I have tried massaging the kale and haven’t decided if it makes enough of a difference.

As I said, I do purchase kale on occasion to include in salads as a lesser ingredient. Kale is sold in rather large bunches and I rarely use up the entire lot before it has started to turn yellow and is relegated to the compost bin.

The other day I dehydrated and made a powder out of stinging nettle for use in cooking. That prompted the idea of drying and powdering leftover kale leaves so they don’t go to waste. Although it does take time, dehydrating foods is not an involved process. All that is required is for one to be “around” to rotate the shelves every so often.

I haven’t had occasion to use the kale powder yet, but you know I will! It will be a nutritional booster however it is used.

Many ingredients in the foods we consume come in the form of powder. Everything from milk, to flours, to salt, sugar, potatoes, corn starch, herbs & spices and even beans (besan). I won’t even attempt to list them all. Foods in dried and powdered form make long term storage possible. Powders also facilitate controlling consistency during food preparation. A powdered ingredient can be used to thicken or dry up a batter or dough that is too loose or wet.

Powdered ingredients have also been used to add color to a dish. Ones that come to mind are turmeric, paprika, annatto, and matcha.

Today we swung by the Super G Mart where I found black bean powder and powdered purple yam. I’m looking forward to finding ways to use them.

powder 1


Other powdered products I have acquired are powdered eggs, butter, honey and tomatoes. These have a shelf life of 25 years and probably more.




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