Golden Sauce & A Wild Salad

I made a sauce using carrots, cauliflower, cashews, almonds, tahini, roasted red pepper and nutritional yeast. This type of sauce is sometimes described using the word cheesy. While it is a delicious sauce, it’s really not all that cheesy, which is why I’m using the name golden sauce.

I went outside to pick some arugula for a salad to go along with roasted flattened potatoes. Didn’t get much arugula because it was past its prime but there was some good looking Red Russian Kale. We’ve been getting a lot of rain lately and weeds that typically come up in winter are making their appearance. Chickweed is ubiquitous this time of year and is edible and mild tasting. It makes an excellent addition to a salad.

wild salad


Wild Winter Cress is another weed that is prevalent. It adds a pleasant peppery bite to salads.

wild salad 2


Cleavers is coming up now too and are is good in a salad when young (yes, the word cleavers is singular).


This salad was as tasty as any made with all store-bought ingredients.


This was a truly enjoyable vegetarian (in fact, vegan) meal. The flattened potatoes brushed with olive oil were broiled to a crisp, the golden sauce was delicious and the salad was refreshing (and cheap).

golden sauce 2









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