Kale Chapatis

It was time once again last night to make paneer in order to use up milk nearing the expiration date, and today I made a paneer curry.



For the first time in many years I made chapatis to accompany the curry. We used to always make chapatis whenever we had Indian food. We always made sure to make extra so we could have some with honey for dessert. Preparing an Indian meal is rather involved as it is and after not making them in so long the extra time and effort to make chapatis and the extra cleanup afterward, I suppose, came to seem intimidating.

I took a shortcut this time by using the stand mixer with a dough hook to do the kneading for me. The ingredients for the chapatis were whole wheat flour, powdered kale, salt, chopped onion, chopped jalapeño and cumin seeds. I used Greek yogurt for moisture to get the consistency of a soft dough. I let the oiled ball of dough rest for about half an hour before rolling out and cooking the chapatis in a cast iron skillet.


Rice, paneer curry, raita, mango pickle and kale chapatis made a satisfying meal.

chaoatis 4



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