Molé Sauce (My Version)

It’s not often I go more than a day or two without posting, but it has been a week now since my last post. That’s because we took a whirlwind road trip down to Key West. I guess you could say it was a bucket list kind of thing. Of all our dining experiences on this trip the most outstanding was a tiny Mexican restaurant that shared a building with a gas station in Homestead, Florida. It was some of the best Mexican food I have experienced. I might not have chosen to eat there if it hadn’t been highly recommended by the hotel clerk.

Today I made my version of made from scratch molé. I dry roasted cinnamon stick, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, star anise and peanuts. Then ground the toasted ingredients in a food processor along with dried chipotle peppers, oregano, dark cocoa powder, instant espresso, chicken style seasoning, pumpkin seed meal and allspice. This mixture was added to sautéd onion and garlic.


Next I added pineapple juice and let it simmer until it thickened and used a hand blender to grind it into a sauce. It was thick and rather grainy so I added more pineapple juice, mirin, tomato sauce and coconut milk and strained it through a sieve.


Cooked beet greens were rolled in corn tortillas, laid on a bed of molé sauce in a baking dish with more molé and grated queso fresco on top. The enchiladas were baked at 375ºF.


For lunch today we had beet greens enchiladas with molé and queso fresco, a white bean dish which Faye made and cranberry orange scones.





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