Chili And Cornbread

I cooked kidney beans and black beans last night and today I used them to make vegetarian chili with a cornbread crust.

Onion, garlic, jalapeño, cumin seed, bay leaf and dried red chiles were sautéed in olive oil. After cooking for a few minutes I added corn, home canned tomatoes and the cooked beans.


To season I added chili powder, oregano, rosemary , unsweetened dark cocoa powder, instant espresso powder, beef style seasoning and a pinch of Chipotle Tex-Mex Seasoning. I also added cooked macaroni.

When some of the liquid had boiled off I put the chili in a casserole dish, added shredded cheddar and queso fresco and poured cornbread batter on top. The cornbread batter consisted of self rising wholegrain yellow cornbread mix, powdered egg and buttermilk.


This was baked at 425ºF until the cornbread started to brown. I then scattered more cheese on top and garnished with roasted red pepper and stuffed green olives.


We enjoyed this vegetarian chili and cornbread with Chinese cabbage sprouts.











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