Lactobacillus Fermented Sauerkraut

It has now been two weeks since I started a batch of sauerkraut, and I was anxious to learn the results. When I removed the cover I was surprised that there wasn’t very much of the harmless white mold that typically forms on top, but the little that was there had a sharp disagreeable odor.

At first I thought the project might be a failure but I went ahead and removed all the mold and liquid that was above the plate which had been keeping the cabbage solids submersed and I wiped down the sides of the crock with alcohol. When I removed the plate I couldn’t have been more pleased! The kraut smelled wonderful, as it should. It had the perfect amount of sourness, wasn’t too salty and was nice and crunchy. The combination of green and red cabbages resulted in a wonderful shade of pink.

I put the sauerkraut into sterilized jars to store in the refrigerator where the kraut will continue to ferment but at a much slower pace.

sauerkraut 3


The obvious choice for our next meal was Tofurky® sausages with home fermented sauerkraut. I heated the thawed sausages in a pan. It so happened that Faye had just made a bourbon and maple syrup glaze to go on sweet potatoes tomorrow. When she had emptied the pan I deglazed it with a little water and poured the tasty goodness over the heating sausages.


We enjoyed the fresh raw sauerkraut with Tofurky® sausages and leftover chili and cornbread.sauerkraut 8





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