Stuffed Tomato & Jalapeño On Tomatoey Rice

More often than not the inspiration for the dishes I prepare springs from the need to make use of ingredients in the larder before they spoil and go to waste. Today it was the kidney and black beans I cooked up the other day and corn I wished to rid the refrigerator of. There were also some tomatoes we’ve had for a few days but were still in good shape. I decided to stuff the tomatoes with the corn and beans.

I hollowed out the tomatoes and put the tomato innards in with the corn and beans. The idea was to get rid of leftovers so rather than add more bulk to the dish by using fresh onion and garlic I used onion and garlic powder. I also added cumin powder, chile powder, oregano, my Chipotle Tex-Mex seasoning and ketchup. I also added MorningStar Farms® Grillers® Crumbles™.

stuffed tomato and jalapeño 2


I boiled rice using the liquid from home canned tomatoes and steamed a couple hollowed out jalapeños in the same pot.


The tomatoes were stuffed with the bean mixture and the jalapeños were stuffed with sharp cheddar cheese. These were baked on a bed of rice in individual baking dishes.


This is the kind of dish that, when finished, you wish there was a few more bites.



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