Egg Filled Tomatoes In Grits

After doing a stuffed tomato dish the other day I had two more tomatoes which needed to be used. This is what I did:

I hollowed out the tomatoes using a melon baller and a potter’s loop tool, whichever worked better at the moment. I then put two packages of Quaker instant grits into two individual casserole dishes and added 1/2 cup boiling water along with a dab of butter into each. After a thorough stirring, the hollowed out tomatoes were embedded into the grits.


Beaten eggs were then poured into the hollowed out tomatoes. The grits and egg filled tomatoes were baked at 350ºF for 37 minutes.


I guess you know by now that if there is any way to introduce cheese into a dish I am likely to do just that!

stuffed tomato & grits 6


I was unable to fit two eggs into the hollowed out tomatoes so I added more egg and made a sort of omelet incorporating home fermented sauerkraut. The kraut was exposed to as little heat as possible with the hope of preserving as much probiotic qualities as possible. I suppose it was kind of a harebrained idea combining sauerkraut with egg, but it worked if you didn’t think about it too much. We liked it.

stuffed tomato & grits 8










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