Spinach & Goat Cheese Omelet

This is not a low fat dish by any means, but the goat cheese needed to be eaten… and it really was delicious! When I use ingredients that aren’t the most healthful I try to at least pair them with healthy ingredients. Do the “good” ingredients excuse the “bad” ingredients or create any kind of balance? Probably not, but I make that effort anyway.

I mixed the chopped goat cheese with cooked frozen spinach and heated it briefly in the microwave oven on defrost mode.

In preparing to cook eggs I usually heat the lid along with the pan and turn the heat down to low immediately after pouring in the eggs so they will cook slowly under the heated lid. This time I neglected to turn the heat down and the eggs browned a bit as a result. Some people like it that way. I normally avoid it.

omelet 9



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