Cabbage, Cabbage & More Cabbage

It wasn’t planned this way but we happened to have cabbage in three different ways for this meal. There was Chinese cabbage in the stir fry, and there was homemade sauerkraut, then Faye brought out the cole slaw she had made.

For the stir fry I fried tofu with canola and toasted sesame oil.


I removed the tofu from the pan for the time being and sautéed onion, garlic and jalapeño.

stir fry 3


Then I added napa cabbage, radicchio and watercress.


I then added the fried tofu back into the pan along with chopped roasted peanuts.


I must have been getting hungry by this time because I dumped in more peanut sauce than I intended. That was alright with me because I am a sauce loving person. I like lots of gravy on my potatoes, lots of dressing on my salad and I want lots of sauce on my pasta. In fact, if there is just as much sauce as there is spaghetti it’s alright with me.

The peanut sauce was made with peanut butter, coconut milk, soy sauce, palm jaggery, a pinch of cayenne pepper and a little hoisin sauce.

stir fry 9


It wasn’t until we had plated our food that we realized we were having cabbage in three different ways. It also occurred to me that the meal borrowed from several different cuisines. The tofu, peanut sauce and the concept of the stir fry obviously comes from the orient. The jaggery in the peanut sauce and the fine sev which I sprinkled on top are from India. When it comes to sauerkraut one thinks of Germany. Coleslaw is possibly of Dutch origin but is part of m European cuisines including, German, Italian, English and Swedish not to mention North American.

stir fry 11






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