Day Trip To The Fletcher Valley Market


I learned on the internet about this health food store about a 2 1/2 hour drive from home, a perfect distance for a one day road trip. It is in the foothills of the North Carolina mountains near Hendersonville. We stopped along the way in Saluda, NC to fill the car up with gas and noticed a fruit stand next door. I intended to buy a big bag of mountain apples and grabbed a gallon jug of unfiltered apple cider as well as some to drink along the way because I was thirsty. It wasn’t until we got back home I realized we never did get the apples!

fletcher valley market 5

The Fletcher Valley Market & Bakery was rather small but it had a lot to offer and the prices weren’t as exorbitant as I have seen in other health food stores, which is why I don’t often visit them.

fletcher valley market


I thought this black bean pasta was interesting. I was skeptical at first because I have seen pasta with just enough spinach to color it a pale green and it’s labelled spinach pasta, so I was surprised when I read the label and the ingredients list said: “black beans 92%, water 8%”! That’s it! End of ingredients list!

fletcher valley market 2


We stocked up on McKay’s Chicken & Beef Style Seasonings. First thing I did when I got home was to do a taste comparison of my homemade and the originals. I have to say that my versions were pretty good!

Fletcher valley market 3.jpg


I think we have tasted every kind of meatless imitation hotdog there has ever been and to our tastes the one that stands out above all the others for taste and texture is Loma Linda® Big Franks. They sometimes sell for as much as $12 for a can of 8 links. We bought them for less than $5 a can because we purchased an entire case. Yes, they are a highly processed food with a long cryptic (if you are not a chemist) list of ingredients, but they are an enjoyable once-in-awhile (expensive) treat.

Faye says she can hardly wait to have a Big Frank hot dog with onion, mustard, ketchup etc. etc. I said that we won’t be opening a single can until I go outside to cut and chop a bunch of firewood and lose at least 5 pounds!

fletcher valley market 4


We also purchased this granola which appears to have been made on site.

fletcher market 7

Thanks to our GPS we were able to find a Mexican restaurant on the way back home. Faye ordered Carnitas and I had Chiles Poblanos. The food was good. I was impressed that there was a salsa bar where one could dish up their own preferences of salsas. Faye obliged me and shot this photo of the salsa bar with my phone. It doesn’t encompass the entire salsa bar, but that will teach me to bring my real camera along next time when we go out on a foodie adventure.

fletcher valley market






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