Christmas In February

It was sort of like Christmas today. Almost six months ago, as an experiment, I made a couple batches of mango pickle and they have been sitting at room temperature on top of the China cabinet ever since. Other than the rare occasions I happened to look up there the canisters have been out of … More Christmas In February

Carrot Methi Patties

My longevity spinach (Gynura procumbens) plants were falling over and needed to be cut back. I hadn’t decided yet how I would use the leaves but planned on doing so at our next meal. Every time I prune the plants I put a few branch tips in water to start new plants. They put out roots … More Carrot Methi Patties

Chicken-less Pot Pie

First of all the disclaimer, I am not a pastry chef or a baker, so I knew before starting this was not going to be pretty. I did have a pretty good idea it would, at least, taste good. There wasn’t much (store-bought) piecrust dough left in the fridge and what there was wasn’t in … More Chicken-less Pot Pie

Whole Wheat Sourdough Crepes With Mushrooms, Spinach & Brie

My jar of whole wheat sourdough starter was full and it was time to either use or discard some of it. I made crepes using mostly sourdough starter, a little all purpose flour, an egg, olive oil, salt and water.   For the filling I sautéed onion, jalapeño and mushrooms in olive oil before adding chopped … More Whole Wheat Sourdough Crepes With Mushrooms, Spinach & Brie