What Would You Do? Where Would You Go From Here?

Often, when I am in the process of composing a dish, I will ask Faye’s opinion on how she would proceed. I can almost always count on excellent advice. I usually heed that advice, and when I don’t I sometimes wish I had. Today, just for the fun of it, I am asking you, my fellow creative foodies, to collaborate with me to finish creating a dish. I have no silver and I have no gold to offer as a reward for any advice I may or may not follow, but I will much appreciate hearing your creative ideas.

This is what I have done so far:

I made a date puree by forcing dates which have been soaking in coconut rum through a sieve.


I added Ancho Chile Liqueur to the date puree.

rum soaked dates & choclate 4


Then I added Hershey’s® Special Dark Unsweetened Cocoa powder and vanilla bean infused stevia.


At last report I mixed in coconut milk powder to bring the puree to a paste.

rum soaked dates & chocolate 9


So… What would you do? Where would you take it from here? I am anxious to proceed and am interested in your ideas. Bad ideas are welcome too, so don’t be shy! My preference is for the paste to remain in the raw state it is in, but I am open to all ideas.


9 thoughts on “What Would You Do? Where Would You Go From Here?

  1. Roll it into truffles – dip in melted chocolate, and roll in coconut (since you’ve already added coconut) . I just wrote a post about chocolate truffles, so that’s what’s on my mind (plus it’s Valentine’s day)! I see that this post is a few weeks old and I’m curious to see what you came up with!

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