Skillet Potatoes With Spinach

Potatoes cooked in a skillet is one of our favorite breakfast dishes. It is prepared differently every time depending on the mood and what is available in the pantry. I often give it an Indian twist using curry leaves and various spices. It is an opportunity to introduce other vegetables into the morning meal. Peas and carrots are a good addition. Sometimes I include sweet potatoes in the mix. Onions and jalapeños are an automatic assumption regardless of the culinary direction the dish might lean.

Today I kept it simple and sizzled cumin seed in canola and olive oil, added onion and jalapeños and then the potatoes which had been “baked” in the microwave.


I then added frozen chopped spinach, salt, a crushed dried arbol chili (minus the seeds) and powdered kale leaves. At this point I put a lid on the skillet and let it cook undisturbed for several minutes, allowing the spinach to cook and the potatoes to brown a bit on the bottom. I turned the potatoes a few times as they continued to cook without a lid.


These skillet potatoes were served topped with chopped cilantro and store-bought Pace® Restaurant Style Salsa.

breakfast potatoes 5


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