Heart Shaped Sandwich Cookies

I finally got around to doing something with that chocolate, date and coconut concoction I made the other day. The consensus of those who commented was clearly that it should be used as a filling.

I am really not a dessert person. I rarely eat desserts let alone prepare them. It’s not that I don’t like sweets. I do… too much. I consciously choose for them to be just an occasional part of my diet, and in small quantities when I do indulge.

I am not a baker either, although I am about to dip my toes in that pond. The live sourdough starter I ordered through Amazon arrived today in the mail.

I did make an almond flavored sheet cookie today and made heart shaped sandwiches using the afore mentioned mixture for the filling. They weren’t particularly pretty, but they were tasty. The chocolaty flavor of the dark cocoa with the sweetness of the coconut rum soaked dates and the hint of heat from the ancho chile liqueur combined with the almond flavored cookie went together well, although almond was the dominant flavor. Another layer of filling spread on top might have brought a better balance.

cookie sandwiches



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