Sourdough Bread (first attempt)

I am not a baker. Not yet, anyway. Baking is a science, it is often said, and I am certainly not a scientist. Any successes I have had with baking can only be a result of inadvertently obeying scientific principles.

I am a rule breaker and a rebel. I have made sincere attempts at following recipes, but invariably, at some point the little devil sitting on my shoulder convinces me to deviate from the instructions. It starts well, with careful measuring and weighing, but that method soon gives way to the eyeball system of weights and measures. Then the little devil on my shoulder convinces me to start questioning the list of ingredients. From that point on the recipe is no longer referred to, for better or for worse.


I have been faithfully feeding my sourdough starter since I received it in the mail last Thursday. After perusing many sourdough bread recipes and videos I settled on one recipe. I had every intention of adhering to the minutest detail of the recipe but that went by the wayside with the very first ingredient.

After measuring out the quantity of starter called for, the ladle, seemingly of its own accord, went back to the starter jar and dipped out double the amount. I remembered I was treading on unfamiliar ground and renewed my commitment to follow the recipe, which I did for the most part. Still, the other recipes I had studied and videos I’d watched kept influencing little changes here and there.


All is well that ends well. Its not perfect, for sure, but I just might get the hang of this. They say to wait 3 hours or at least until it cools completely before cutting into the loaf. Well… guess what… I broke that rule too… I love the sour tones in this bread!





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