Lentil Sprouts / Sauerkraut / Potato Patties

I noticed this morning that my current batch of sauerkraut had exceeded its target two week ferment time and it was time to jar it up and store it in the refrigerator. This new batch yielded three full quarts of kraut and there was still a partial jar from the previous batch in the fridge. A well stocked refrigerator is nice to have but when it gets overcrowded some things inevitably are forgotten about and end up going to waste. There was a real need to find ways to use sauerkraut other than the small portion I frequently add to my daily diet.

Oh, by the way, this new lot of sauerkraut is delicious!


Patties are a convenient and tasty way to use up odds and ends. I’ve had red lentils (whole unhusked masoor dal) sprouting this week and they are at their prime. I thought they would pair well with Sauerkraut.

Speaking of sprouts, the red potatoes were sprouting to beat the band, and potatoes work well to hold a patty together.

Onions are basic to most savory dishes, and chilis go with anything, even chocolate. For seasoning I chose my chipotle Tex-Mex mix and additional salt.

To dry things up and achieve a patty consistency I used oatmeal and flour. In retrospect the addition of bread crumbs would have been an improvement.


The patties were pan fried with a minimal amount of olive oil.


We enjoyed the patties with probiotic cultured salsa and sour cream..

patties 5




5 thoughts on “Lentil Sprouts / Sauerkraut / Potato Patties

  1. Greg, these look delicious! I have not used sauerkraut much but after reading your delicious and healthy recipe, I will definitely use it more! I bet these patties were delicious!

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    1. Thank you, Sandhya. I had a lifelong strong dislike for sauerkraut until I made my own naturally soured brine fermented kraut. I suddenly became a fan. It’s partly the clean taste and largely the health giving qualities that hold my attention. To this day I have no interest in or use for commercially produced sauerkraut. It’s just not the same, taste or health wise.

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      1. I hope you do try it. I have had consistently good results with sauerkraut. In addition to my descriptions you could always take into consideration what others have said regarding fermenting sauerkraut and use your own best judgment how to proceed. Many people recommend doing it in one quart jars. In my experience larger quantities work better, but I did have excellent results with salsa in quart jars. Where I have not had good results with lactobacillus fermentation is when I have attempted it with whole vegetables or vegetables cut into larger pieces. I would caution against attempting my whole Brussels sprouts experiment (https://pleasantpeasantcuisine.wordpress.com/category/brussels-sprouts/) until the jury comes in with the final results. I will be posting an updated report on that project very soon whichever way it goes. I really hope you try making sauerkraut.. Message me if you have questions along the way.

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