Probiotic Brussels Sprouts Update

Today is the 15th day since I started the Brussels sprouts fermenting. I decided it was time to decide if the project was a success or a failure. Truth is, I was awaiting this day with a wee bit of trepidation. I don’t like failure, although I have become adept at acknowledging and accepting it.

I had done a couple of visual and smell inspections over the last two weeks and was having a few doubts about the outcome. The bright green color had dulled a bit, the saline solution was taking on a slightly cloudy appearance (not necessarily a bad thing) and the smell was very very strong, although neither Faye or I could say for certain it was a bad smell.

I emptied the jar into a colander and rinsed off the Brussels sprouts. The strong smell was gone immediately. I knew the sprouts would be soft and mushy if they were spoiled, but they were firm. I took a bite out of one and it was crisp and had a mild fresh taste, not at all disagreeable.

I put the sprouts in a clean jar, filled it with fresh saline water (one teaspoon sea salt per cup of water) and found a spot for them in the refrigerator. They will make great anytime snacks. They would be right at home on a fancy relish tray. I am envisioning some of the smaller ones being used whole in a potato salad…



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