Chicken-less Pot Pie

First of all the disclaimer, I am not a pastry chef or a baker, so I knew before starting this was not going to be pretty. I did have a pretty good idea it would, at least, taste good. There wasn’t much (store-bought) piecrust dough left in the fridge and what there was wasn’t in very good shape. I also chose the wrong baking dishes for the amount of dough and for what I was hoping to accomplish. Ok… enough about my ineptitude and the excuse making…

I put a few baby potatoes on to boil while I chopped carrots and cooked them and some frozen peas in water seasoned with my homemade “chicken style seasoning.” When the potatoes were cooked I chopped and added them to the peas and carrots. I also chopped a few MorningStar Farms® Chik’n Nuggets and added them as well.

pot pie 1


I sautéed chopped onion then added a little all purpose flour and stirred that around until well heated. I whisked in the broth the vegetables had been cooking in then added the cooked vegetables and stirred until the sauce thickened.

Then came my encounter with the piecrust, which I really don’t want to discuss further…

Happily, taste wise, my expectations were fulfilled completely.

pot pie 4



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