Christmas In February

It was sort of like Christmas today. Almost six months ago, as an experiment, I made a couple batches of mango pickle and they have been sitting at room temperature on top of the China cabinet ever since. Other than the rare occasions I happened to look up there the canisters have been out of sight and out of mind. I really didn’t intend to leave them out to ferment so long.

I was nearly finished washing dishes when I decided it was time to empty the canisters and wash them. I was fully expecting to empty the contents directly into the compost, but to my surprise they had a pleasant smell. Just to be safe I removed and discarded the top layer before tasting. It tasted good! My version wasn’t exactly like any other I had tasted before but there was an obvious resemblance.

I transferred the mango pickle into glass jars and put them in the refrigerator.

mango pickle





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