Roasted Pesto Potatoes Breakfast

I was going about preparing breakfast in a leisurely manner until I was informed that we had a morning doctor’s appointment. I quickly shifted gears in a bit of a panic because not only did I have to finish cooking and eating breakfast within an hour’s time, I had yet to —-, shower and shave.

I boiled and drained baby potatoes, adding a frozen cube of pesto while the potatoes were still hot. After the potatoes were well coated with pesto I mashed them in the same pot.


I pressed the potatoes into the bottom of the pot with the back of a spoon in an attempt to fuse it all together. I ran a knife around the sides of the pan then inverted it over a similarly sized skillet hoping to transfer the potatoes in one piece. I fetched a mallet from my leather working studio and smacked the bottom of the pot a couple times. I was actually a little surprised that the contents were released all at once.


The skillet went into a hot oven for the potatoes to roast. When I learned about the time constraints I switched the oven setting to a high broil until the potatoes were starting to brown.



I then cracked a few eggs on top of the roasted potatoes and put the skillet back in the still hot, switched off oven. I didn’t intend to break the yokes, but it probably helped the eggs cook more quickly.



When the eggs were cooked to my liking I scattered shredded cheddar cheese on top.



We arrived at the doctor’s office 15 minutes early.






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