Quinoa Salad In Chapati Bowls

My preferred way to use quinoa is in a cold tabouleh type salad. The ingredients for todays salad were:

cooked quinoa

spring onion

chives (from the garden}

parsley (from the garden)


red and orange mini sweet peppers




quinoa salad


The quinoa salad was served in baked whole wheat chapati shells.


Just in case you are interested, the chapati shells were made from whole wheat sourdough starter, sugar  (to balance the sourness), powdered kale, salt, whole wheat flour and olive oil.








4 thoughts on “Quinoa Salad In Chapati Bowls

  1. Greg, I love the chappati bowl! Your salad sounds so scrumptious. I like the taste of sweet mini peppers and the chives and parsley from your garden must have added a whole lot of yumminess to it.

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