Wild Rice / Parsnip / Sun Chokes Patties

Over the last week I’ve been sprouting black rice. They are very slow to sprout and hardly increase at all in volume. Some types of seeds start sprouting in just a day or so and fill a jar in a few days. It was four days before the black rice even showed signs of sprouting. I was looking forward to using the black rice sprouts in patties. It became obvious that they were only going to amount to a minor ingredient, so I soaked some wild rice overnight to make up the difference. As you can see, some of wild rice kernels were starting to split open by morning.


I steamed parsnips and sun chokes until tender, mashed them with a fork then mixed in the sprouted black rice.

I put the soaked wild rice in a food processor with roasted hazel nuts, walnuts and onion, and blended to a coarse consistency. Using a larger bowl I combined the parsnip mixture with the wild rice mixture.

At this point I added salt, garlic powder, onion powder, thyme and marjoram. A small amount of mashed potato flakes helped adjust the consistency.



I wanted to see how well these patties held together as a vegan dish, so I fried the first several without egg since they would be eaten immediately. They held together fairly well when handled carefully.



For the remaining patties which would be saved for another meal, I added an egg, more potato flakes and some rice flour. These held together very well.

I am very pleased with how the patties turned out, with or without egg. The raw soaked and sprouted rices and the chopped nuts gave the patties the perfect amount of chewiness and crunch. The taste was great as well.








4 thoughts on “Wild Rice / Parsnip / Sun Chokes Patties

  1. I have half a jar of black rice. We didn’t particularly care for it, but I hadn’t thought to sprout it. I even know where my sprouting jar is. I’ll put them to soak tonight!

    Virtual hugs,


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