Sandwich On Whole Wheat Sourdough Toast

I usually prepare breakfast for the two of us but sometimes we each get our own, especially when I choose to have salad for breakfast. Faye cringes at the thought of that. This morning I told Faye I was having avocado in a sandwich for breakfast and I was surprised that she wanted one too, since it is essentially a salad between two pieces of bread.

The sandwich consisted of toasted whole wheat sourdough bread, mayonnaise, avocado, tomato, cucumber and lettuce with olives and a probiotic fermented brussels sprout on the side.


The more outstanding food event of the day was a visit to our favorite Mexican restaurant. Their margaritas are as tasty as we have found anywhere, including Puerto Vallarta, and the quality of food is consistently excellent. Unfortunately they were out of chiles poblanos so I settled for the spinach enchiladas, which I was contemplating ordering anyway.

It seems like any time we make an expedition to the city our appetites kick in before we get back home and the temptation to eat out is difficult to resist. It wasn’t like we had a lot of errands to run, but the locations we wanted to do business were spread out over the map.

One of our stops was to a store that carries brewing and winemaking supplies. I had decided to harden a gallon jug of apple cider and needed a bit of advice and an appropriate variety of yeast.

The mouth of the gallon jug was wider than I thought and my stopper and airlock was a loose fit. I improvised by applying a bead of hot glue to seal the rubber stopper to the mouth of the jug. It seems to be a tight enough seal because the airlock is bubbling happily away beside me in my studio.


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