Broccoli Brie Breakfast Bake

We had this broccoli dish for breakfast, but it would be good for any meal of the day. It’s not really a quiche and not really a frittata, so I guess that makes it a casserole.

I started out by covering the bottom of a greased baking dish with bread chopped into cubes. This step was not essential, in fact, I might skip it entirely if I make this dish again. I was really just trying to finish up the loaf of whole wheat sourdough bread. It didn’t ruin the dish by any means, but it would have been lighter and less filling without it.

broccoli breakfast bake


I beat a few eggs and added chopped onion and Brie chopped into little pieces. I also added steamed broccoli chopped small, salt, garlic powder and nutmeg. This mixture was poured into the casserole dish over the bread.

broccoli breakfast bake


I dusted the top with breadcrumbs and baked it for almost an hour at 325ºF. For the last few minutes I switched the oven setting to broil to brown the top.

broccoli breakfast bake


This was a delicious and hearty breakfast.

broccoli breakfast bake

broccoli breakfast bake






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