Potato Pancakes

I perused several latke recipes before making these potato pancakes but am not sure they qualify as bonafide latkes since I have never partaken of the real deal. This is what happened:


  • Onions were chopped and then salted to draw out the moisture. After a time the exuded moisture was sopped up with a paper towel.
  • Fresh spinach leaves were washed, dried and julienned.
  • Finn Crisp® rye crisp bread was pulverized in a food processor.
  • Peeled potatoes were shredded into salted water then strained and squeezed as dry as possible.
  • Two eggs were beaten and all of the above were mixed together along with potato starch and rice flour. (In retrospect, it was too much starch. Should have used one or the other and half the amount, if at all).

I pan fried the potato pancakes in a minimal amount of canola oil.



I served the first round with applesauce drizzled with pomegranate molasses. I preferred them with maple syrup or, better yet, ketchup and home fermented probiotic salsa.




In retrospect, as mentioned earlier, I think the starch made the pancakes rather heavy. Also, one egg instead of two would have probably been sufficient.





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