Leek, Cabbage & Potato Soup

It didn’t look like I would get around to publishing a post today on the blog. Breakfast was a non-event since we decided to each get our own.

A portion of our morning was taken up by driving to the city to lodge a complaint with the county board of elections regarding our voting experience. We were denied our right to a secret ballot by two attendants supervising the ballot machine. Their keen interest in reading our ballots couldn’t have been more obvious. The woman’s face was practically buried in my ballot as I was inserting it into the machine. They seemed to be tallying their own personal exit polls.

The director of the board of elections was alarmed and took our complaint very seriously. He said poll workers are required to take a four hour class in which they are expressly told that they must not attempt to read anyone’s ballot. He apologized profusely and assured us that those individuals would never again work in a polling place. It wasn’t our intent to cause anyone to lose their job, but rather that they receive better instruction.

After our visit to the board of elections all we wanted was a margarita and some good Mexican food, and so headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant.

I don’t usually partake of a third meal in a day, so wasn’t planning to do any food preparation, but while working in the garden I decided to harvest some leeks and make a leek, cabbage and potato soup.

I sautéed onions, leeks, cabbage and celery with butter.



As an afterthought I threw in some dehydrated ramps as a secret ingredient.


Then it was time for the potatoes, vegetable stock, salt and a long simmer.


I decided to leave the soup chunky.







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