Wild Violets Are Blooming

I’m really not trying to be extra prolific with my blog posts today. This isn’t a full-fledged post, and the other two were carryovers from yesterday. I’m just mentioning that the wild violets are in bloom and I spent some time this afternoon bent over and on my knees picking the blossoms until both my back and knees gave out. It may be tedious work but it’s nice to be outside in the fresh country air even if there is thunder in the distance and an occasional raindrop.

violet blossoms


I pick at least a few wild violet blossoms every year. Some years I use them to make freezer jam or as a decorative ingredient in salads. Last year I made wild violet blossom syrup since I still had plenty of violet jam in the freezer.

Well, I still have violet blossom jam in the freezer and an almost full bottle of syrup in the fridge, so I haven’t decided how to use the flowers I picked today. Faye suggested a sorbet. I have never made a sorbet, and need to research how to do that. I suppose I could make a new batch of jam and throw out the old even though it is still perfectly good. I’m leaning toward a sorbet incorporating the older jam and syrup.

Wow! I’m thinking out loud! I assure you, I only type to myself. I never talk to myself. Not an audible word has passed my lips, nor did my lips move at all! I think that is enough for today. Meanwhile, the violet blossoms are floating in a bowl of water until a decision tomorrow.

violet blossoms





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