Salvaging An Old Belt

Okay, I know this is a stretch and is off the normal blog topic, but it does have to do with life here on our one acre home site, and my leather studio is (sort of) between the kitchen and the garden.  And hey, this is my blog and I can do what I want.

I have let my leather-working hobby/business stagnate for well over a year now due to distracting life events. Even though those distractions are, for the time being, diminished, I have yet to resume involvement other than to, upon request, do a project for my ex boss.

I noticed that my belt was deteriorating and the buckle was hanging on by a thread. The normal thing to do would be to discard the belt and purchase a new one. I’m a believer in self sufficiency wherever possible, and since I have a leather shop and the necessary skills, I performed a little repair job and made it as good as new.




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