Stuffed Belgian Endive & Tofu Stir Fry

My objectives for this meal were to stuff Belgian endives, attempt using fermented bean paste for the first time and utilize the dry black tofu I purchased earlier in the week.


For the Belgian endive I decided to do a mushroom / walnut stuffing flavored with fermented bean paste. There were only four Endives to stuff so I chopped small amounts of each ingredient.

First I lightly dry roasted the finely chopped walnuts and set them aside.

Belgian endive


I sautéed finely chopped onion then added finely chopped mushrooms.


While the onions and mushrooms were sautéing I cut the endives in half and removed the innermost leaves creating a hollow space. The removed inner leaves were chopped and added along with the roasted walnuts and a small amount of fermented bean paste to the sautéing onions and mushrooms.


I mixed sifted bread crumbs into the stuffing mix and let it sit under a lid for a few minutes to absorb.


I stuffed the filling into both sides of the halved and hollowed endives, pressed the halves together and wrapped them in foil. There was a little stuffing left over, just enough to stuff a mini sweet pepper.



While the stuffed Belgian endives baked, I sautéed onion and sweet peppers, then added sliced mushrooms followed by fresh and frozen spinach.

It was time to add the sliced tofu which had been marinating in liquid smoke and hoisin sauce.

Belgian endive


I didn’t intend to bake the endives as long as I did, but all in all it was a very good meal. I drizzled pomegranate molasses on my endives.

Belgian endive















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