Homemade Lame / Dough Slasher

I only recently took up bread baking. I am learning as I go, and have had a few successes. My attempts at slashing the dough before baking have been pitiful. There isn’t a knife made that is sharp enough for the task and even utility knife blades just drag the dough regardless of the angle the blade is held. I obviously needed to acquire a lame, which is simply a handle for holding a double edge razor blade.

I was surprised how scarce double edge razor blades are. You know, the kind of blades used in old-fashioned safety razors. The grocery stores we visited didn’t have them, nor did Target. I found lots of them online. Lots and lots of them, sold in bulk quantities. I don’t need a hundred razor blades. Half a dozen would last me a lifetime for my purposes. We finally found double edge razor blades at the pharmacy.

I shopped the internet for lames and found some fancy ones and some quite simple and plain. I was about to place an order when I thought, Why? I can make my own. I already had everything I needed to do it.

I used a number 18 paintbrush and a Chicago screw. That was it.


Now I need to make a leather case to store it in like I did for this tire pressure gauge.

tire pressure gauge case







7 thoughts on “Homemade Lame / Dough Slasher

  1. That’s smart! I saw a home made lame on a bread-baking site that was made with a Starbucks wooden coffee stirrer and a razor. The stick happened to be just the right size to slip through the holes of the razor blade. These innovations are so cool!

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