Outsmarting A Mockingbird

The last few years a mockingbird has chosen the car’s side mirrors as a nighttime roosting spot, and he always leaves his mark. I once tried hanging rubber snakes on the mirrors at night in an effort to convince him to choose another location. Faye had to drive into town for something and didn’t notice the rubber snake when she got in the car. She wasn’t a quarter mile down the road when she glanced at the side mirror. She nearly drove off the road when she saw that rubber snake right beside her!

Since then we have been resigned to rinsing off the sides of the car with a hose whenever we need to go somewhere. The other day Faye came up with the idea of covering the mirrors with plastic shopping bags hoping that the bird wouldn’t want to land on it.

I worked like a charm, and for two nights there was no “evidence ” of the mockingbird roosting there. Then, last night I forgot to tie the plastic bags on the mirrors…



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