The Makings Of A Sandwich

One of the foods I look forward to the most in summer is tomato sandwiches, or, as some of my neighbors might say, ‘mater sammidges. A good tomato sandwich doesn’t require a lot of fixin’s. A slice of bread, mayonnaise and a good red ripe tomato with salt and pepper is good enough for me.

It’s not nearly tomato season yet; it’s probably two months away. Even though roadside fruit and vegetable stands are starting to open up, most of their produce, at this point, is being shipped from further south, usually in refrigerated trucks. Refrigeration ruins a tomato’s taste and texture. I don’t know the chemistry, but they become mealy and tasteless.

It seems that the only commercially grown tomatoes in the grocery stores that have any flavor are cherry and sometimes Roma tomatoes. When I saw this beautiful tomato I was skeptical but purchased it anyway because it got me craving a tomato sandwich.


I don’t do well eating sandwiches which are loaded with ingredients. It is a skill I haven’t yet mastered. One or two bites and the whole thing falls apart and I may as well get out the knife and fork. I do much better at Jimmy John’s® where they wrap their sandwiches tightly in paper and I can peel away the paper as I go. I was thrilled when I realized I can eat an entire sandwich without a crumb or a shred of lettuce falling away! I love Jimmy John’s #13!

I’ve been eagerly anticipating cutting into this tomato ever since I purchased it, and finally today I did. I thought the sliced tomato would dwarf the slices of my tiny loaf of homemade bread, but the fit was perfect.



I gathered a few other ingredients to choose from for our sandwiches, including: romaine lettuce, sweet onion slices, mayonnaise, home grown horseradish, mustard and MorningstarFarms® “bacon” strips.


I enjoyed my open face sandwich with probiotic Brussels sprouts and probiotic pickled cucumber which I made a couple years ago.




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