Whole Musoor Dal

I hate for food to go to waste. I was getting concerned that we weren’t eating the large bag of assorted mini peppers fast enough, so I roasted some even though I didn’t have specific plan how I would use them.


While I was roasting the peppers I decided to prepare whole masoor dal (with the hull) for lunch. Using mustard oil in a small skillet, I fried mustards seeds, fennel seeds, kalonji seeds, ajwain seeds, cardamom seeds, coriander seeds, dried arbol chili, stick cinnamon, a clove and chopped curry leaves.

To the spices I added chopped onion and garlic.



When the onion had softened I added a chopped tomato.


When the dal was fully cooked (in vegetable broth) I added the prepared onions, spices and tomatoes. I partially peeled some of the roasted peppers, removed some of the seeds and added them to the dal as well.


I used a stick blender to blend everything until fairly smooth. The dal tasted a bit salty so I mixed in some Greek yogurt. I liked the little bit of sourness the yogurt added, but I could have added grated jaggery to offset that had I chosen to. This dish would have been vegan if I hadn’t added the yogurt.



I enjoyed my masoor dal with homemade mango pickle and methi paratha (store-bought frozen).






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