Tofu (And Everything But The Kitchen Sink) Burgers

A lot went into the vegetarian / vegan burger patties I made today. It seems like a long list of ingredients, but they all served a purpose and came together cohesively in a tasty way.

I was wanting to make use of the black dry tofu and not let it go to waste. My palate was craving something other than the usual stir-fry approach. As the name suggests, this kind of tofu is denser and more meaty than even extra firm tofu. It has real substance, and I thought it would make a good component in a burger type patty.

I pulverized one of the tofu cakes in my mini food processor. There was some chopped red cabbage, jalapeño and onion left over from the uttapam we had for breakfast. I processed them briefly to a finer chop. Crushed tomatoes and bread crumbs also went into the mix, as well as homemade beef style seasoning and powdered shiitake mushrooms.




An egg would have been an excellent binder for these patties but I kept it vegan this time and used soaked flax seed meal instead.



For added protein I ground walnuts and hemp seed in the mini food processor. For flavor I added a few shakes of liquid smoke and a drizzle of molasses. For added nutrition I added powdered kale. To dry things up to a workable consistency I mixed in oat flour and almond flour. Of course salt was added at various times along the way.

Because it was put together in the morning the mixture spent some time resting in the refrigerator. When it was time to prepare the meal I formed the patties, coated them with bread crumbs and pan fried them with canola oil.


The tofu burger patties were served without a bun on a bed of romaine lettuce, cresses from the garden, and guacamole. I scattered quartered grape tomatoes about the plate and dressed the dish with roasted pepper dressing.












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