Urad Dal Sprouts Utappam

Over a week ago I was sprouting whole urad dal, and when they grew to the size I wanted I put the sprouts in the refrigerator and forgot all about them. Refrigerating sprouts slows their growth considerably yet they stay fresh and alive, especially if they are rinsed occasionally with fresh water.

urad sprouts


When I started the sprouts I didn’t have a specific plan as to how I would use them, which is probably why I forgot they were in the refrigerator. I had a craving for utappam this morning. I used an instant mix (I know, shame on me!) which came with a packet of dehydrated vegetables to go in the utappam. I chose not to use them in favor of fresh ingredients.

There were little bits of onion, jalapeño and tomato left over from another meal and I added them and a couple dried red chilis to the instant utappam mix. That’s when I remembered the urad dal sprouts and threw some of them into the batter as well.


After pouring batter into the hot skillet I sprinkled more urad dal sprouts on top.


We enjoyed utappam with curry leaf chutney, probiotic salsa and yogurt. Without the accompaniment of yogurt this vegetarian meal is also vegan.











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