Egg Fu Yung With A Hint Of Indian Flavors

Faye was away today so I fixed myself a late brunch. To finish up the black gram sprouts I made egg fu yung but with a slightly Indian twist. The ingredients I used were:


I sautéed the onions, celery, green chili and curry leaves with toasted sesame oil. Then I beat the eggs with mushroom powder, chicken style seasoning, soy sauce powder, curry leaf powder and curry powder. I then added the sprouts and sautéed vegetables into the egg mixture.


After wiping out the skillet in which I had sautéd the vegetables, I add a little toasted sesame oil and fried the egg fu yung omelet.


The ingredients for the gravy were:

  • urad dal
  • mustard seeds
  • onion
  • dried red chili
  • curry leaves
  • grated coconut
  • tamarind paste

These ingredients were sautéed with mustard oil for a few minutes then ground to a paste with a little water in a mini food processor. The paste was added to a small sauce pan of broth consisting or water, chicken style seasoning and a few drops of toasted sesame oil.  The broth was thickened into a gravy by adding slaked cornstarch and bringing it to a boil.


I enjoyed the egg fu yung very much but the Indian flavors were more subtle than I hoped for. I could have gone heavier with the curry powder by adding more in the eggs and a little in the gravy too.

egg fu yung










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