Kimchi, Rice & Poached Eggs

For a number of years I have been on a search for vegetarian kimchi. I can’t count the number of jar labels I have read, all of which have fish sauce, oyster sauce or shrimp sauce or a combination of them as ingredients.

Of course, I could make my own kimchi; I am no stranger to homemade fermented foods. I simply haven’t gotten around to doing it. I had pretty much given up on finding commercially made vegetarian kimchi, when Faye ran across a jar that didn’t have shrimp, oyster or fish sauces, or at least they weren’t listed on the label.

I don’t mind kickstarting my day with a blast of spicy flavor, so it was kimchi for breakfast.  The kimchi was cold from being in the refrigerator so I warmed it up in a bowl over steaming water. I wanted to preserve the beneficial probiotic bacteria by not over heating it.


I served breakfast in the same bowls in which I had warmed the kimchi. To the kimchi I added a scoop of freshly cooked rice and poached eggs.



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