Homemade Cultured Buttermilk & A Sandwich

There were some garden greens in the refrigerator left from the last time I made salad and I used them to make sandwiches for breakfast. On Homemade whole wheat toast went mashed avocado, cress, arugula and sliced tomato. There was only one egg left so that went on Faye’s sandwich.

Faye had hot V8® juice with cayenne pepper with her sandwich and I had home cultured buttermilk with mine.


Anyone who has read many of my posts knows I am very much into probiotic cultured/fermented foods. I have made yogurt countless times but this is my first time making cultured buttermilk. If I had known how simple it is to do I would have done it long ago and kept a never ending supply of buttermilk on hand. It’s as easy as mixing a little store-bought cultured buttermilk with fresh milk and leaving it in a warm place for the bacteria to develop.

About 10:00 AM I put the milk and buttermilk mixture in a glass jar and placed it with a lid on top of the freezer where it stays warm. It wasn’t quite set when I went to bed last night so I left it to ferment until morning. It is now very thick and tastes great!




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