Upside-down Pizza

It was bread baking day again. After the first rise I kept some of the dough aside to make a couple of mini pizza crusts. What I had in mind was to construct the pizzas upside-down and in reverse starting with the pizza toppings at the bottom, portobello mushroom caps being the uppermost topping.

I removed the gills from the mushroom caps and arranged the other pizza toppings on the inverted cap. The toppings were fresh marinated mozzarella balls, marinated artichokes and pickled Padron peppers.


Next was the tomato sauce.

Lastly came the mostly whole wheat pizza crust dough.


The upside-down portobello pizzas were baked at 400ºF.


I flipped my pizza over and plated it rightside-up. Faye had the better idea and ate hers as it was with the crust on top.









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