Bourbon Glazed Mushrooms, Pearl Onions & Radishes In An Omelet

Most of the time the meals and dishes I prepare are determined by what is on hand and/or what needs to be used up. This morning what was on hand was some red pearl onions I had been looking forward to doing something special with. What needed to be used up was a portobello mushroom cap, and, since the radishes in the garden are coming on strong, I needed to get rid of the old store bought ones in the refrigerator. I decided to roast and braise the onions, mushroom and radishes in a bourbon glaze and serve it in an omelet.

First I made the glaze by adding brown sugar, datil pepper sauce, fermented bean paste, a generous amount of bourbon and apple cider vinegar to a sauce pan. I brought it to a boil then left it to simmer and reduce while I pan roasted the vegetables in a hot skillet.

I started with the pearl onions, and when they started to caramelize I added chunks of radish and garlic followed by the portobello mushroom.

When the vegetables were roasted and the bourbon sauce had reduced and was beginning to thicken I added it to the skillet, lowered the heat and let it simmer under a lid.


When the onions had softened and the glaze was nice and thick I went ahead and made the omelet.

The bourbon glazed onions, mushrooms and radishes were absolutely delicious! They would be great over veggie burger patties, cooked carrots, sweet potatoes or most anything. As a beverage bourbon is definitely not my thing but this glaze would be nice to keep on hand in the refrigerator to use at a moment’s notice. The bourbon provides flavor, brown sugar and vinegar add sweet and sour, datil pepper sauce adds just the right amount of heat and the bean paste balances it all with a bit of earthy saltiness.







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