The Mighty Ramson (Ramps)

We are heading out first thing in the morning on an all day outing (3 hours 45 minutes each way) into the mountains to hopefully procure some ramps (ramson). We were able to obtain a few last year and hope to do the same and better this year.

Last year I saved all the root ends and planted them to see if they would regenerate and come back the next spring. Only a few did but I was glad to see them. Perhaps if they survive a few years they will multiply into harvestable quantities.



7 thoughts on “The Mighty Ramson (Ramps)

    1. At the last minute we have decided to postpone our trip to the mountains because Faye is fighting off illness. After chemo therapy and major surgery involving the removal of multiple organs her immune system is severely compromised so we can’t take any chances. Hope to go later in the week.


    1. For me, on my Mac computer, when I am on someone else’s blog, when I scroll up, using the scrolling wheel on the mouse, a little box appears in the lower right corner which either says “follow” or “following.” Just click on the “follow” and it will change to “following.” Hope that works for you! And thank you for wanting to follow my blog!


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